Crunchy Oat Biscuits – Gluten Free

These oat biscuits should probably come with a warning as they are deliciously crunchy and one is never enough! I thought I had made enough but they disappeared pretty quickly!

You can of course make these biscuits non gluten free by using plain flour, oats, baking powder and omit the xanthan gum.

You can make them dairy free by using a plant based butter in place of the butter needed in the recipe.

If you wanted, you could add in some chocolate chips (GF) but I left them as they were to shine in their simplicity. I replaced the light brown sugar in the recipe with organic coconut sugar for a less refined result but you don’t have to.

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Granola Energy Squares – Gluten Free Option & Vegan Energy Balls

I made some granola recently and was asked could the granola be turned into bars, like Flapjacks but there are so many ingredients in the granola that they wouldn’t hold together in a bar so I adapted the recipe to still be healthy but also be a no bake one. Well you do toast the oats, rice and nuts but that’s just to enhance their flavours. I was also asked about making this recipe Vegan so I’ve adapted a couple of ingredients and the method to make Vegan Energy Balls which are also Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

They are quick and really delicious and I made mine Gluten Free by using the right oats and puffed rice but if you don’t need gluten free, then just buy your usual. They are sweet but packed full of good ingredients. I added some organic dark cocoa nibs to them at the end. I didn’t use any dried fruits as I felt there was enough sweetness in the recipe. You do have to use honey and not maple syrup as you need the thickness of honey to help the squares bind together.

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Caramel Florentines – Gluten Free option included

The original recipe for these delicious florentines was from the lovely Laura of Bake Off fame. She made her version during the series competition and they were very well received and I think she may even have got rare “Hollywood Handshake” for them.

I used a slightly bigger cutter than recomended and changed one or two ingredients plus quantities. When I made a second batch, I decided to convert them to Gluten Free and they worked equally as well so a big bonus with these!

You could make them smaller as they really spread out hugely; I mean really spread out so leave tons of space between them and you will still probably have some spreading into each other but don’t worry, you can do a bit of adjusting once they’re out of the oven and still hot.

So let’s get on with making these perfect mouthfuls of delight …

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