The Fluffiest Gluten Free Scone Recipe – variations included

I have a gluten free scone recipe already here and it’s a good one too. I found mixing gluten free flour with almond flour was a great way to get a delicious result and I have no complaints about it. You can try it here:

My gluten free scone world was moving along very nicely thank you until I visited Marlfield House and they served THE most fluffy scone I’ve ever tasted and it was gluten free! I couldn’t get the scone out of my head and once home did a little research on different gf scone recipes and decided to try adding rice flour to my recipe. Obsessed?? Me?? 🙂 🙂 Oh did it deliver and how so it was worth it!

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Gluten Free Fruit Scones

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I’ve tried a couple of gluten free scone recipes and although they have turned out okay, okay is not what you want when you eat a scone. You want the “Mmmm” effect, the light and delicate taste that all scones have and this recipe delivers! I’ve made them a traditional fruit scone but of course you can leave out the mixed fruit and have a plain scone or add herbs for a savoury one.

Adding almond flour gives these scones a lovely texture and flavour and just that something extra 🙂

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